Manjaro Linux Retail WoW Crashes in loop – Technical Support

So a few days ago i was having crashes like every hour or so. And i thought it was gone by upgrading the wine version i was using. But now it came back hard and the game just keeps crashing.

The weird thing is however, it was fine one second, and the other i was insta crashing the client on login. I did a dungeon (the stockades) as a healer first and it went fine, then i entered mauradon and i kept crashing. I disabled all addons and was still crashing in like seconds i entered the group again.

I am a bit at a loss now to what to do. I played 2 characters to max level and into shadowlands few months ago without a single crash.

Here are some stats/specs:

Manjaro Linux kernel 5.14.18-1
Nvidia 1050 ti

Lutris settings
imgur. com /qMvpHSB

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