Universal audio recording cable for smartphones, tablets, and netbooks



Length options A: 20cm B: 1m C: 2m

This audio recording cable allows you to record, stream, or analyze line-level audio signals with superb dynamic range and minimal noise

What is it used for:

  • Podcasting or streaming video to Facebook Live or Youtube live with professional sound equipment
  • Recording output of an audio mixer, or CD/DVD player, or car radio, or dictaphone/smartphone, or from professional studio equipment
  • Frequency and phase visualising of audio signals
  • Beat/tempo detection of audio signals (awesome for DJs, VJs, and live performers)
  • Audio surveillance systems and audio recording on demand systems
  • Analysing wind, weather, tectonic activity or environmental changes with special microphones, such as shotgun microphones, low frequency microphones, piezo microphones
  • Detecting burglars and monitoring remote locations with special microphones and special preamp systems


Warning: Can only record in mono (because smartphones/tablets/netbooks only have mono inputs)

Warning: Only devices with standard headphones jack will work, so most newer iPhones that have abandoned headphones jack will not work (iPhone users read this: [link removed by eBay] ) Also some newer android phones have abandoned headphone jack and will not work (Android users read this: [link removed by eBay] )

Why is this cable so special?

When recording (capturing) audio signals all devices are dependent on quality of electricity that power them. Therefore all desktop computers introduce some “hum” – a low pitched noise, to the audio recording. This noise reduces dynamic range of audio recording and makes audio less punchy, less clear, and essentially, less loud. Smartphones, tablets, and netbooks on the other hand use their own integrated battery, and can be used without being plugged in electricity mains, making it the best audio capture device with least possible noise and zero interactions from other devices in the house. DC battery power supply is still the best source of power for audio equipment, and with low-power devices such as smartphones, such a solution becomes viable for daily use. This Universal audio recording cable will allow you to use your smartphone, or tablet, or netbook, as a superb quality audio capturing, recording, and analysing equipment.

How does this cable work?

This cable uses resistors circuit to “tell” the smartphone that microphone is connected, and another circuit to achieve impedance matching between line-level audio signal, and smartphones microphone.

Who made this cable?

Cable is invented by company Breathing Labs which is producing Breathing headsets for iPhones and Android devices for more than 10 years has and analysed TRRS wirings, input impedances, and microphone impedances of more than 200 android and iOS devices. “At the end it occured to us that all devices work in a similar way, however manufacturers try to keep things complicated so they can sell their own dedicated audio headsets and various audio and video cables. After analysing many different wirings (see here: [link removed by eBay] ) me and my colleagues have come to a simple solution for a wiring that works with most of them. List of all currently tested supported devices is available here: [link removed by eBay] but actually many many more devices are supported but we haven’t tested them yet so if you are not sure send us a question through ebay (or through breathinglabs.com contact) and we will check. Inventor Dr Matevz Leskovsek, PhD has been a professional DSP programmer and has written VST plugins, audio analysis tools, noise cancellation algorhythms, and scientific papers on sound processing, noise elimination, and audio recording. The company @breathinglabs is also a licenced iPhone gadgets manufacturer.

Suggested applications to use with this cable:

To detect tempo of music in real time: play.google.com/store/search?q=detect%20bpm%20tempo%20live&c=apps

To analyse frequency spectrum and phase correlation in real time: play.google.com/store/search?q=frequency%20spectrum&c=apps

To amplify your hearing with external audio equipment: play.google.com/store/search?q=ears%20sound%20enhancer&c=apps

Send your professional microphone signal wirelessly from stage to mixer: play.google.com/store/search?q=audio%20wifi&c=apps

Change your voice in real time: play.google.com/store/search?q=change%20your%20voice&c=apps

Example use case:

Use case: frequency and stereo correlation plotter (obove) and BPM tempo monitoring (below) in real-time on the output of the mixer before the PA
Use case: frequency and stereo correlation plotter (above) and BPM tempo monitoring (below) in real-time on the output of the mixer before the PA