Inštitut za raziskovanje zvočnih umetnosti (IRZU INSTITUTE) is a research institute (ARRS registration number 5262) focused on acoustics, dsp, frequency/wavelet analysis, human computer interaction, and biofeedback. IRZU is also regularly organising artistic performances and educational events focused on art, music, human computer interaction, and augemented sensing. IRZU is being financed by sales of its own products and by kind help of its spin-off companies namely Breathing Labs and Ultrasonic Audio. Additionally IRZU is receiving a voluntary 1% income tax from Slovenian citizens as according to Slovenian law citizens can choose which organization receives 1% of their income tax, a choice that would otherwise be decided by the government. If you are a Slovenian citizen and would like to do that please fill this document with your personal info and signature and send scan to info@irzu.org Thank you for your contribution!


Business details:

BUSINESS NAME: Inštitut za raziskovanje zvočnih umetnosti (IRZU INSTITUTE)

HEADQUARTERS ADDRESS: Obrtniška cesta 1, SI-6000 Koper, Slovenia

LABORATORIES ADDRESS: Vojkovo nabrežje 23, SI-6000 Koper, Slovenia

BANK IBAN: SI56 028430263857155


VAT: 80561225 (Slovenia)

EMAIL: info@irzu.org

PHONE: +38631380511