Tasker workshop is scheduled for July 2023 and will last presumably 14 days. Topics include:

  • total control of all android features with any kind of rules you can imagine
  • monitoring of all android events and variables in google sheets or calendar or any other database
  • monitoring logcat and triggering automation based on logcat regex rules
  • REST/HTTP control of anything
  • IOT: control of high power appliances via phone
  • automatic clicking and headless browsing (android bot design)
  • MQTT and rapid communication between devices (creating smart grid systems)
  • rapid android app development with UI, main activity, and background services
  • use of intents for inter-activity communication in Android

Price of a workshop will depend on our ability to attract sponsors and donations but it will probably cost below 200€ (does not include your accomodation, travel costs, food, health insurance,..). It is highly recommended you try to get Erasmus funds for the whole summer 2022 and the easiest way to do that is to apply to any of our internships:

Oh, you need to bring your own android phone (root not required), however tasker licences were kindly donated by the tasker developer and owner Joao – a very cool guy!

Please submit your email below if you want to receive updates on this workshop (specific date, accomodation options, sponsorships acquired, guest lectures, topics):