Reamping with guitar pedals – Hardware (Instruments and Effects) Forum

I have to admit that I haven’t send other sounds than guitar through it, but the Joyo/Harley Benton “American” pedal might be worth a try. At least the distortion ranges from very clean to strong, but not overwhelming, and it has a three band EQ and a very effective tone shaping knob, which also effects the distortion.
As it has some simple “amp simulation” circuit built in, I guess that it might very much influence the hi end with that….

Another idea might be the ART Tube MP Studio or the Behringer copy of it, Mic100 Tube ultragain, although I have to admit that I don’t own those. I have an ART ProChannel though, similar preamp I think, and that can deliver some pretty nasty distortion/clipping if driven.

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