bootx64.efi didn’t seem to get installed and no UEFI boot entry was created for Debian

On Mon, Nov 29, 2021 at 08:57:37AM +1100, wrote:
>>>At least GRUB itself was installed in the EFI partition.
>>>> Shouldn't there normally be EFI/boot/bootx64.efi?
>>>Not by default. It happens only if you choose to install a copy of the boot
>>>loader in the removable device path. The option is available only in expert
>>>install or after changing priority for questions to low.
>> Agreed. We deliberately do *not* install there by default as this can
>> cause other OSes not to boot. We try to be more accommodating than
>> Windows etc. :-/
>Unless I did something wrong in the partitioning setup, there were no other 
>operating systems. The only other EFI entry I had created in the firmware 
>setup manually was one for the USB drive.
>What do you mean by removable device in this case? /boot/EFI is on
>the same NVMe drive as the Debian install itself.

The *normal* way for UEFI boot is via vendor paths and boot
variables. The alternate path is primarily designed for removable
media, where you won't have boot variables set to point to the right
files. Hopefully the docs I've written in


might help explain some more.

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