Choir Omnia GUI Crashes Kontakt 7.7.0 with Cubase 12 or Logic Pro 10.8

Does anybody have similar problem with Choir Omnia Library – Kontakt 7.7.0 crashes every time I try to open Choir Omnia library. This happens with standalone app, or under Logic PRO 10.8 or Cubase 12 PRO 🙂 When I load the project containing choir omnia it loads and plays ok, but whenever I try to open kontakt 7 GUI with Omnia, then kontakt crashes. So it is not possible to load choir omnia as a new instrument under DAW or in standalone KOntakt or standalone komplete control. Other libraries load without any problem, only Omnia crashes and it looks like it is some kind of GUI problem, as it loads in Cubase with old project and plays what was recorded previously if kontakt GUI is not open, but if i try to open kontakt gui when Omnia is loaded then it crashes.

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