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OK yeah that’s different, you’re referencing MIDI out from a plugin into it’s own track, that has been possible with AUv3 for a while now, not surprised they introduced it to AU2.

What I’m talking about is using Komplete Kontrol or any plugin that can send MIDI out to another track. In that case the AUi plugin becomes just a MIDI device and loses it’s ability to output MIDI. Komplete Kontrol does not publish as a MIDI out device in Logic but Reaktor MIDI FX does.

Going over to Digital Performer 11 (and I would guess Reaper), VSTi’s on Mac OS publish as MIDI inputs for other tracks, but oddly enough they do not record the arpeggios on the KK track, just on the target track. KK does not publish as a MIDI source in DP as AU and does not send the Arp MIDI out to the track. Not surprising, probably Reaper, Live and DP etc. haven’t update4d their code for the latest version of AU.

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