Technical Support – Game Crashes with directx and vulkan ( Error allocate memory) – Forum

Hi, i never experienced this error, i tried to reinstall the game several times, and the directx renderer keeped crashing, i started using the vulkan and the problem was solved, but now i’m having crashs with both renderers,

8 GB of Ram

4gb of Video graph 64 bits system windows 10

follow the last lines of the log file

2021/12/13 16:14:51 1164203 b87 [INFO Client 2324] : You have entered Tower.
2021/12/13 16:14:53 1165875 52d [INFO Client 2324] [SHADER] Delay: ON
2021/12/13 16:15:24 1197375 1aa [WARN Client 2324] [SHADER] Compilation error: out of memory during compilation

WITH DIRECTX these last lines

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