Asan build for android

Hi everyone,

I have some question about asan build for android:

2. Are you running tests on a real device or an emulator? It seems you run tests on real device, because you don’t specify target_cpu (x86, x86_64) in the gn args and by default it’s arm? Maybe you have emulators with arm/arm64?

3. I built locally tests with is_asan = true, target_cpu = x86, target_os = android. The components_unittests failed in a runtime due to not enough memory for loading libraries (4GB RAM not enough). Do you have such problems on running tests on an arm or 4GB RAM in a device is enough?

4. Can you share the configurations info (cpu, RAM, storage and so on) of your devices, which are used to run tests with asan?

PS. It all needs to run tests with asan in Yandex browser.

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