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Author of jquery-json here. It really doesn’t matter much. I made jquery-json a long time ago when there were no good options, and keep it there because a lot of people like it.

They are both a handful of functions that do just about the same thing.

An important difference between the two is that JSON2’s api is exactly the same as the native api whereas jquery-json is a jquery plugin (which is slightly different than falling back on the native implementation).

I would say your answer depends on which api you want to use since you’ll get the same results with either implementation (you should at least).

As a thought experiment, let’s imagine that every browser had a native JSON api implementation. Would you still use jquery-json?

If so, then use the jquery plug-in.

If not, then why would you tie your code to the jquery-json api when the native api is already well-known (even if its not globally implemented)?

If it means anything to you, John Resig (the creator of jQuery) has said “In the meantime PLEASE start migrating your JSON-using applications over to Crockford’s json2.js”

Most modern browsers have native JSON build in, jQuery defaults to those functions when using e.g. $.getJSON() or $.parseJSON().

So if you are using jQuery, you don’t need any plugin/library for JSON.

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