TB303 style arpeggiator vst plugin – Instruments Forum

This one’s driving me nuts!

I’m looking for an arpeggiator that has a note slide function similar to that found on the roland tb303

I’ve been through a few arpeggiator vst plugins: xfer cthulu, audiomodern riffer and blueARP but none of them seem to have that function (unless I’m missing something).

Ideally I’d like to be able to apply the plugin to any vst synth.

I have the Roland cloud version of the TB303 but don’t seem to be able to route it’s output as midi to control any other synth. (this is in Cubase pro 11)

At a push, I’d consider also any fairly functional VST synth that has an apreggiator built in that can do note slide and has programmable step sequencer style arp.

Basically, I’m trying to get 303 style articulations but with other synths!

Any suggestions?

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