Phillips Hue bulb not installing its firmware

Bug report?


What happened

My Philips Hue bulb detects an OTA upgrade on Z2M and seems to install it correctly but it continuously reports that there is an OTA available.

This is what is being reported in Z2M…
Manufacturer | Model | Firmware build date | Firmware version
Philips | 8718696449691 | 20170908 | 1.29.0_r21169

I note from Phillips firmware release notes
that the Software version: 1.29.0_r21169 has a date stamp of November 14, 2017 (not the 8th Sept reported by my bulb)

When I check the log during the OTA enquiry, I see that there is indeed a fileversion difference being identified/reported…

Debug Device ‘Dining Room Lamp 2’ requested OTA
Debug Got OTA request ‘{“fieldControl”:0,”manufacturerCode”:4107,”imageType”:268,”fileVersion”:16781568}’
Debug Is new image available for ‘0x0017880104188122’, current ‘{“fieldControl”:0,”manufacturerCode”:4107,”imageType”:268,”fileVersion”:16781568}’, latest meta ‘{“fileVersion”:16785664,”fileSize”:267644,”url”:””,”sha512″:”efa1c94c60896468624c3f699bc2a1986c4667e5fe6512ecd7db722799be898f634144825035280e62becda576d8571fc22a421e553adc57b454f099c479fa93″}’
Debug Update available for ‘0x0017880104188122’: YES

What did you expect to happen

Upon finishing the update, it seems to be successful but the version does not change and the process will repeat if I check OTA updates again. I have tried many times with the same outcome each time.
I’ve also tried after a factory reset of the Philips Hue bulb (with the Alexa Plus and using the serial number method through the Alexa Android app).

This is what shows in log after the install…
Debug Got upgrade end request for ‘0x0017880104188122’: {“status”:0,”manufacturerCode”:4107,”imageType”:268,”fileVersion”:16785664}
Debug Update succeeded, waiting for device to restart
Debug Device ‘Dining Room Lamp 2’ announced itself

Info Update of ‘Dining Room Lamp 2’ at 100.00%
Info MQTT publish: topic ‘zigbee2mqtt/Dining Room Lamp 2’, payload ‘{“brightness”:254,”linkquality”:68,”state”:”OFF”,”update”:{“progress”:100,”remaining”:105,”state”:”updating”},”update_available”:false}’
Info MQTT publish: topic ‘zigbee2mqtt/bridge/log’, payload ‘{“message”:”Update of ‘Dining Room Lamp 2′ at 100.00%”,”meta”:{“device”:”Dining Room Lamp 2″,”progress”:100,”status”:”update_progress”},”type”:”ota_update”}’
Debug Received Zigbee message from ‘Dining Room Lamp 2’, type ‘readResponse’, cluster ‘genBasic’, data ‘{“dateCode”:”20170908″,”swBuildId”:”1.29.0_r21169″}’ from endpoint 11 with groupID 0
Info Finished update of ‘Dining Room Lamp 2’, from ‘{“dateCode”:”20170908″,”softwareBuildID”:”1.29.0_r21169″}’ to ‘{“dateCode”:”20170908″,”softwareBuildID”:”1.29.0_r21169″}’
Info MQTT publish: topic ‘zigbee2mqtt/Dining Room Lamp 2’, payload ‘{“brightness”:254,”linkquality”:21,”state”:”OFF”,”update”:{“state”:”idle”},”update_available”:false}’
Info MQTT publish: topic ‘zigbee2mqtt/bridge/log’, payload ‘{“message”:{“id”:”Dining Room Lamp 2″,”transaction”:”k0hu0-1″},”meta”:{“device”:”Dining Room Lamp 2″,”from”:{“dateCode”:”20170908″,”softwareBuildID”:”1.29.0_r21169″},”status”:”update_succeeded”,”to”:{“dateCode”:”20170908″,”softwareBuildID”:”1.29.0_r21169″}},”type”:”ota_update”}’
Info MQTT publish: topic ‘zigbee2mqtt/bridge/response/device/ota_update/update’, payload ‘{“data”:{“from”:{“date_code”:”20170908″,”software_build_id”:”1.29.0_r21169″},”id”:”Dining Room Lamp 2″,”to”:{“date_code”:”20170908″,”software_build_id”:”1.29.0_r21169″}},”status”:”ok”,”transaction”:”k0hu0-1″}’
Debug Saving state to file /config/zigbee2mqtt/state.json

How to reproduce it (minimal and precise)

It seems to be stuck because the firmware being installed is not updating the file version correctly and so it keeps incorrectly thinking it needs to get the same firmware each time.

Debug info

Adapter hardware: CC2531

Zigbee2MQTT version
1.21.2 commit: unknown
Coordinator type
Coordinator revision
Frontend version

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