A call to arms? (A beginner’s request for basic mentoring)

Hi – I am brand new to Unity. I want to start out recreating a basic game that I used to teach myself LibGDX, but do it in the ‘Unity’ way.

I have long coding experience in various languages. Picking up C# is not a big issue for me. It is learning the basics of using Unity. I was wondering if some kind soul might be willing to mentor through the basics … I have watched several tutorials, but none seem to fit my basic questions.

Essentially, this game has a static image as a game board, it does not need to pan around or anything of the sort. It is essentially 2D (the game board) with a couple of pieces that move around based on dice rolls. The dice rolls I would like to be in 3D, and I have had success in finding and.understanding tutorials around that. It is the fitting of things together, and oddly, the simple game board and mapping the waypoints to the static 2D png image where I am a bit confused.

If someone were to help me through the construction of this basic game, I would 1) be extremely grateful, and 2) be willing to through in a bit of pocket change for the trouble. My questions will probably be quite simple for someone with Unity experience.



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