Bazille (and zebra) sidechain input? – u-he Forum

Ploki wrote:

Fri Oct 01, 2021 8:40 pm

Could bazille get sidechain input?
it makes sense since it supports audio rate modulation, could really make some interesting noise with it

I endorse this suggestion.

Now, Bazille is already more capable than most synths of audio-rate modulation from external sources, imo. Here’s what I mean… if you use Ableton, there are Max4Live devices that facilitate audio-rate modulation, or envelope following. So, you can already achieve audio-rate modulation of most parameters. However, in Bazille, if you route +5V into a multiplex, and map your audio-rate modulation to the level control of that multiplex, then you can use the output of the multiplex to dial in that audio-rate modulation to any parameter in Bazille. This is much better than mapping parameters directly — it gives you more fine-grained control over the amount of modulation, lets you apply that modulation to multiple destinations more conveniently, lets you apply different amounts to different destinations. That is why I think Bazille is already more suitable than most synths for modulation by external sources.

Still, adding external inputs would avoid the need to use a multiplex.

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