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I think this GUI size problem will hunt Rob till he find a permanent solution like Arturia did!

Personally, I’m fine with 4k 27″ scaled 150% if I stick to one DAW! That’s not Rob’s fault! It is because there is no real standard for resizing inside the DAWs. For example, in Cubase, only Cubase is scaled 150% but 3rd party plugins appear like it is 100% scaled (the OS, Windows here) but in Bitwig or Live they are 150% scaled inside the DAW! So, when I use 200% of Predator 3 in Cubase, I need to resize it again in Bitwig to 133% because 200% is too big! It is not only RP plugins, but all 3rd party plugins.

So, the only solution for Rob is to make many sizes like with u-he and Arturia plugins, unless he change everything to vector! For me, I’m trying to stick to Cubase only so I don’t change the sizes all the times!

Cubase 11 Pro, Bitwig Studio 4 on Win10/Ubuntu Studio and R5800x with
US-4×4 HR, Keylab 49 MK ii, MODX 6, DeepMind 12D, KK M32 and ATOM.

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