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Ou_Tis wrote:

Fri Oct 22, 2021 10:42 pm

Waves HLS Channel and Acustica Viridian have this covered… IMO they shouldn’t bother unless they can do near-zero latency with comparable sound quality. Otherwise try doing something new that’s actually interesting.

I have Waves HLS, but Waves just sucks all around as a company with their extortive WUP, and the preamp gain doesn’t really boost the output, it just increases harmonic distortion.

Waves was literally the last brand I wanted to get involved with, and had there been any other viable option, I would have been all over it, provided it was a legit model of a Helios preamp.

And if originality was what you want, then a 1073 model is about the last thing they should have done. Same with their LA-2A and 1176…

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