Breathing+ Headset

Breathing+ headset is built out of soft and comfortable polyethylene plastic. It is adjustable for different head sizes, durable and washable. It is designed to provide maximum comfort, firm position and best possible PLB detection in a quiet or loud environment.

Development and Design

There were 3 prototype series manufactured prior to this design that enabled us to come up with best possible and universal design, resulting in several scientific papers, a patent, and an industrial design protection. Additionally Breathing+ has received numerous design and innovation awards in Europe.

Comparison with other technology for breathing exercises


  • blowing air into the mouthpiece does not require a physical contact with users’ mouth or lips, therefore it provides less possibilities for infection.
  • not required to use tubes or pipes to achieve resistance during exhalation as kids eventually learn to provide such a resistance by exhaling through pursed lips
  • breathing games provide an enhanced motivation and lead to a more efficient learning process that keeps kids entertained and motivated as they grow
  • audio feedback allows kids to perform exercises with their eyes closed, resulting in a more relaxing experience
  • breathing games make kids track their breathing progress which improves commitment and provides a more efficient long term learning process
  • user can be eventually taught to implement the exhalation through pursed lips into their daily routine and thus change their breathing behavior without raising dependence on technology. Such a behavior can already be observed in humans, for example when a person exhales through pursed lips as a sign of relief.

Comparison with other game controllers (keyboard, mouse, joystick, touchpad)

Typing on a keyboard/mouse or on screen causes tension in hands and upper back resulting in a tense posture and possibly leading to injuries like “carpal tunnel syndrome”. As kids start breathing shallow, with upper parts of their lungs which is leading to shortness of breath and low oxygenation. With breathing games kids learn to breathe deeper and slower and also improve speaking skills so they consequently become more assertive, confident and socially active.

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