Breathing Conditioned Muscle Stimulation

What is electrical muscle stimulation?

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is the stimulation of muscles using electric impulses that cause muscle contraction. It has several uses that have brought the technology increased attention including rehabilitation, strength training and testing.

What is our innovation?

Usually when applied to specific muscle groups, EMS is not used in the most effective way. Standard “abs trainers” send electrical impulses at a steady rate irrespective of our breathing cycle which leads to dysfunctional/non-functional training of the abdominal muscles. This is due to muscles needed for exhalation being trained during inhalation too and vice versa, leading to inefficient breathing as deep abdominal inhalation cannot occur. During exhalation the abdominal muscles contract with the diaphragm relaxing and moving upwards into the chest wall resulting in the lungs expelling air. Relaxed abdominal muscles during inhalation allows the diaphragm to contract and move down towards the abdominal area and allow the lungs to expand in the chest cavity, which it cannot do so well if the abdomen is contracting constantly or during inhalation. The constantly used, overactive abdominal muscles not only prohibit deep inhalation but this causes fast and shallow breathing and possibly ailments such as back problem.

Reprogramming neurons for more functional working of respiratory and locomotory system

The Breathing Labs Abs Trainer’s solution is the use of neuromodulation of the abdominal muscles, the “reprogramming” of those muscles to be synchronised with one’s breathing. The muscle groups are trained to be activated during breathing phases of their use only – that is being activated during exhalation while staying relaxed during inhalation. Training the abdominal muscles so that they only are used during the breathing phase that they are actively used in allows greater contractile strength which leads to more efficient breathing as deeper abdominal inhalation is made easier with longer exhalation and stronger/better abs toning. Additionally, EMS devices can be known to cause discomfort from strong stimulation, however the Breathing Labs Abs Trainer ceases stimulation as soon as the user is unable to blow.

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