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The things that made and (still makes) Absynth so unique are the many ways this synth was different in so many ways all at once. Morph waves, draw your own waves, endless MSEGs where each point (!) could get an LFO, five effects with the Aetherizer being the star that sound nothing like anything else, a preset mutator where you can select a variety of presets and have Absynth mutate everything (or, if you so desire, just oscillator 1 and filter 2 or just the wavshapers or just the effect section) into the direction of those sounds, unusual synthesis types like ring modulation and “Fractalize” and the fact that it was one of the first virtual instruments that you could use natively in a 5.1 production.

A next Absynth would mean an instrument that equally challenges many standard ways of how we think of synthesizers. And it would have to bring its own sonic character. Which, when Absynth came out, was almost unheard of: a virtual instrument with its own sonic character.

“Generate” does belong there, but the effects are very basic and the modulation is pretty standard. Its oscillators and filters do sound very unique.

If NI were to ever update Absynth (which I honestly doubt if you look at their product line in the last few years), version 6 would indeed need an updated GUI and better sounding filters. Also, MPE would need to be deeply integrated. Also, the granular engine would need to be modernized, Pigments has set a standard here, where Absynth’s engine falls behind.

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