W11 Free not opening recent edits, then shows “File Missing” – Tracktion Forum

I’m running Waveform 11 Free on macOS Catalina. I have a pretty big file (1 hour with 3 tracks) and I’ve been saving frequently. This morning I was having all kinds of smaller issues – after a large multi-clip merge the audio often seemed to have auto-deleted, the program wouldn’t let me save after too many edits for no reason, etc etc. After a couple reboots (both W11 and laptop), the files are now not opening in the program at all. When I forced one to load (I can’t remember exactly how), it’s now just saying “(File missing)” for all the tracks. All of the files are exactly where they were before. Can someone help out? I’d really appreciate it!

I easily reset the source file for the music/background tracks that I imported, but it would be a huge amount of effort to reset the source tracks for the stuff I recorded through W11 itself, and then I don’t trust that this wouldn’t happen again. Also I wouldn’t even know where to start on the W11 recorded tracks, since I recorded a bunch of guest and host clips.

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