Upcoming system requirements changes for our video and audio apps

CUDA graphics

You’ll need current NVIDIA drivers to use the next major release versions of our video applications with CUDA.  The 23.x versions of Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Media Encoder will not run on CUDA graphics without current NVIDIA drivers (452.39 or later). 

Discontinuing support for NVIDIA Kepler series GPUs

Starting in late 2022, 23.x versions of Premiere Pro will no longer support NVIDIA Kepler series graphics cards. Kepler series GPUs are now over 10 years old. NVIDIA discontinued support for Kepler-series Quadro notebook GPUs in 2020 and will end support for Kepler-series Quadro desktop GPUs in January 2023.  

NVIDIA Kepler graphics cards include Quadro K series GPUs (see links above), GeForce desktop GPUs, and these GeForce notebook GPUs.

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