How to delete EFI Boot Store accidentally created on wrong partition?

Accidentally deleted Windows 10 boot partition. How do I restore it?


You can create a lost/deleted EFI partition by CMD.

1) Create an installation media

2) Boot PC with an installation media

3) Press SHFIT + F10 on the first screen to bring up Command Prompt

4) Run the following commands and click Enter each time at Command Prompt:


list disk

select disk N (N refers to the disk which contains the deleted the EFI System partition)

list partition

create partition efi

format quick fs=fat32

list partition

list volume (find the volume letter which belongs to the installed Windows OS)

exit (exit diskpart)

bcdboot M:\windows (M refers to the volume letter of installed Windows OS)

(bcdboot m:\windows command will copy the boot files from Windows partition to the EFI system partition and create BCD store in the partition)

Next remove installation drive and restart your computer

Let me know if you have any questions


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