ucm2: Add intial Amlogic GXL support

alsa-project/alsa-ucm-conf pull request #355 was opened from jeromebrunet:

This PR adds initial support for the Amlogic P241 (S905x ref design) and the Libretech-CC based on the same chip.
This is a v2 of PR #137 

* s/Meson/Amlogic
* PCM  has been move to the device section (Dropping empty verb section)
* Priority are different between the 2 devices (HDMI is more commonly used so it has higher prio)

Tested both outputs (port) with pulseaudio.

Request URL   : https://github.com/alsa-project/alsa-ucm-conf/pull/355
Patch URL     : https://github.com/alsa-project/alsa-ucm-conf/pull/355.patch
Repository URL: https://github.com/alsa-project/alsa-ucm-conf

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