Smartdrums – use your smartphone to play drums for you (previously named Smartguitars)

Warning: This is work-in-progress and poorly organised!

Install beta versions from github

(kinda updated, not really…)

Install beta versions from taskernet

(most updated and this is actually what main dev uses every day)

HINT: To see all helpful utilities (organised really badly), click “all projects from this user” (requires taskernet account).

Watch some demos

YT page

FB page

IG page

Build your own

Apply to our workshop here and when there will be at least 5 candidates we will find 3-4 hours to have an online workshop and to guide you to build your own smartdrums setup on your own android smartphone. You’ll need to pay 100€ to paypal + you need to have about 10€ ready to spend in Google Play so you can purchase few utilities that are crucial for smartdrums as they make android runtime better. Root access on android is not required, but it doesn’t hurt if you have it. Google play is also not required, and also doesn’t hurt if you have it.