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“Preparing to install a couple of DAWS (Reaper & Studio One) and a lot of plugins on an M1 mac. Can anyone share how they are managing native ARM silicon vs Rosetta universal binaries side-by-side. Seems like it could get messy.

In exchange for a remarkably more efficient CPU, seems worth it to be deliberate about this. My belief, and it stands to reason, is that a native DAW compiled for ARM with native ARM plugins will see the best processor performance. I read that running any one plugin in Rosetta mode during a session will mean that all plugins in that session will run performance degraded, at least as compared to running all native. It makes sense. Can anyone confirm all this?”

Reading this I’m not 100% sure that you understand the concept… it’s how you start your DAW which decides wether you will use Rosetta (so enable Universal + Intel plugins) or not. When you start your DAW in native mode (default) you can only use native + universal plugins. Universal plugins will not slow down anything as only the ARM code in the plugin is executed…

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