Cherry Audio Releases Quadra Synthesizer! – Page 2 – Instruments Forum

WatchTheGuitar wrote:

Tue Nov 23, 2021 7:23 pm

It’s fun having all the splits. I could set up similar in Unify already, but feels more organic on this and I like how you can route the effects around with button clicks.

Completely agree and I personally felt kind of the same with the Eight Voice.
I tried setting up something similar with other synths, but the experience doesn’t really get close.
Both have very original and quite unique architectures.

I really like this Quadra plugin. The multi-output was a nice surprise, the paraphonic nature is something which has been growing on me and I’m not getting from most other vintage emulations.
This is another Cherry plugin I’m glad to get after the Eight Voice (not counting Voltage…)

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