Support for crank organ arranging – 2 questions: checking for limited scales; MIDI distance between equal notes checking/enforcing

Hi all –

maybe someone can help me – coming from another notation software, I need support for two features:

a) A check that only specific notes are used:

For example, the typical “20er scale” consists of 20 specific notes – see attachment. I’d like to see (immediately; or sometimes, by running some “tool”) all the notes I inadvertently use in a score that are not in this scale (and yes, there are many more such scales).
[I imagine something like this might be helpful and therefore around e.g. for checking timpani staves or other such “non-contiguous” instruments].

b) Enforcing a minimum time (typically 1/15th of a second) between equal notes:

The scores for crank organs are exported as MIDI files (to be punched into paper; or played on a MIDI-capable crank organ). Because of the pneumatics or mechanics of such organs, it is necessary to separate two subsequent equal(!) notes by a specific amount (for a typical 20er organ, that would be about 4 mm; at a roll speed of typically 60 mm / second, that is 1/15th of a second). Two different notes can of course “touch” each other or even overlap.
Is there a way to force this distance into the MIDI file? Yes, I saw in the manual that the PRE allows for such finetuning; but this would, as far as I understand, have to be done note-by-note – I would hope that there is some “automation support” for such “minimum sound distancing” for all notes in an arrangment.

Thanks a lot!
Harald M.

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