SSG7 V Free by Studio Major7th

The Free Version Is Not Always Open To The Public. It Is Fickle!

Metal Guitar VST – 7 Strings Guitar


  • Subtractive Synthesis
  • No sample files are used.
  • Manual Download (Japanese version) .
  • Trial version Download
  • Size of VST : 15.2MB.
  • PowerChord, PowerChord 5th, PowerChord 4th, PowerChord Mute, PowerChord 5th Mute.
  • PowerChord 4th Mute, Solo, SoloMute.
  • Hammer-on, Pull-off.
  • Pick Harmonics, Slide Noise, Auto String Noise.
  • Vibrato, Legato, Alternate Picking.
  • Brushing, Chop, Unison bend, harmonized bend.
  • Chord Mode.
  • Pre EQ, Distortion, Drive, Post EQ, Cabinet or My Cabinet, STEREO Modeller, Delay, Reverb, Volume, Master Volume.

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