Spamming redpine messages in dmesg – Phones (Librem 5)

Anyone else getting this spammed in their dmesg? Any tips how to further investigate what’s might be wrong?

redpine_91x: Packet Dropped as Key ID not matched with both current and previous Key ID

The only other wi-fi issue I seem to have is that when I ping I usually get 2-8ms response time, but every now and then spikes to 30-150ms for a short while and then goes back again. My router otherwise is an TP-Link Archer C7 v2 running OpenWRT. Using WPA2 or WPA3 does not make any difference. My laptop (ThinkPad Carbon X1 gen2, so not the newest) does not have this behaviour, no dmesg prints and a consistent ping latency of pretty much always 2-3ms with an occasional jump to 5-6ms.

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