soql – How to add another query to Lead object? node.js function

I have a function that fetches a contact record in Salesforce, how to add one more query to check if there are records with the phone in the Lead object?

my function

return got(`${token.instance_url}/services/data/v41.0/query/`, {
        headers: options,
          'q=' +
            `SELECT Id, Name from Contact WHERE Phone="${event.from}"` //Include Lead object query
    .then(response => {
      const attributes = JSON.parse(response.body);

      console.log(`found: ${attributes.records.length} records`);

      if (attributes.records.length !== 0) {
        callback(null, {
          name: attributes.records[0].Name,
          id: attributes.records[0].Id
      } else {

after that I’ll check which object returns the record (if any).

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