Clone Engineer Phase 2 helmet and

This is a 3d printable clone engineer helmet and chest armor I know, why only chest armor? because all the other parts are basically from the phase 1-2 🙂 so you can using this as a addon.

I dont know if it is scaled up to the right size, becaouse , we are all different, so maybe for somebody it is too big, or for someone it is too small, anyway , i’ll attached a FBX file so you have a compatible file for other programs Also there is the STL file for print . You can see on the pictures the parts and how does it look like

The visor (eye) part is not included, becaouse i think it would be look like bad if you printing this out and you can’t see across.

I hope you will like this and have fun:)

please check my other stuffs:) And have a nice day/night!

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