SonarLint freezes Visual Studio 2022 after solution is loaded – Report a bug

Recently, after I installed SonarLint for Visual Studio extension in Visual Studio 2022 solution loading got slower and Visual Studio IDE started freezing itself. After some time when solution is loaded, and UI starts responding again yellow bar appears with such notification: Visual Studio stopped responding for 13s. Disabling SonarLint for Visual Studio 2022 RC2 might help..
I do not think this is something specific to new version of extension because similar case was in Visual Studio 2019. I believe it might have something in common with quite a big solution that is loaded. Anyway, I think size of the solution should not matter and any computation needed should not be done in UI thread but in the background.

  • Version: Visual Studio 2022 17.0.0 with SonarLint for Visual Studio 2022 RC2
  • Steps to reproduce: open a big solution (my sln has 104 projects which unfortunately I cannot share)’

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