Self-Powered Supercapacitor for Low Power Wearable device Applications

Piezoelectric generators can be used strong vibrations convert to electrical power, it can be stored and utilized in low power devices such as radio frequency identification tags (RFIDs), wireless, global position system (GPS) and sensors. Since most low power devices are wireless, it is important that they have their own independent power. Traditionally, electrical energy comes from heavy lead acid and lithium ion batteries, which contain chemicals that are not environmental friendly. More importantly, lead acid and lithium ion batteries have an average lifespan of 500–1000 cycles, compared to carbon-based supercapacitors (10 lakhs cycle). With the introduction of a wide range of portable, wearable electronics devices and health monitoring equipment. Piezoelectric power harvesting equipment is one of the most applications of portable electronic power supply. Supercapacitors are promising electrochemical energy storage devices which possessing very high power density, rapid charge, and discharge rates with a long lifecycle. Supercapacitors hold high power density as compared to dielectric capacitors and hence supercapacitors are extensively utilized for powering several portable electronic devices. Supercapacitors explore a wide range of applications as they can deliver a high power within a very short period. In this paper describes various supercapacitor powered potential applications in various sectors like flexible, portable, wearable electronics, implantable healthcare and biomedical sensor, etc.

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