Solved: Adding New Kafka Brokers: Question – Cloudera Community



Yes, you can use the CC APIs as per your requirements [1] [2]





From the above articles you can use the following API to rebalance topics/partitions: 


curl -k –negotiate -u: -X POST “https://<CC FQDN>:8899/kafkacruisecontrol/rebalance?dryrun=false&rebalance_disk=true”


To avoid high CPU, memory and disk read write you can initiate rebalance process in batches. It will automatically create a batch and rebalance topics.


curl -X POST  “http://$HOSTNAME:8899/kafkacruisecontrol/rebalance?dryrun=true&concurrent_partition_movements_per_broker=10&concurrent_leader_movements=500”


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