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In terms of GUI IMO Bitwig and Logic are the most clear, direct interfaces. Maybe not the prettiest, (I can’t stand the blandness of Logics GUI), but the least variation in fonts, and tiny parts mixed with large parts etc.

As far as liking to look at them, Studio One and DP all the way, but in terms of pure UX, Bitwig is hard to beat, even if it looks a little like a toy.

We just had this thread, but here goes, on a theoretical possibility etc. level I should be using Live, but I’m stuck in Bitwig. A recent collaboration is one reason, another is besides being slightly more complex of an interface than Live, I find it’s just more entertaining to use all around, the modulation system especially is just super quick. The project is starting off with only built in Bitwig devices for ease of upload to Dropbox etc. and getting the builkt in devices to have some random analog feel is pretty easy with modulation etc.

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