Smart MQTT Broker Parses Different Message Formats

MQTT is a handy protocol for data transport, but it lacks message standards. Messages can be in any format, using JSON, XML, JSON Schema or Sparkplug. Each offers its own benefits, but what if you need to connect messages with different formats to the same broker?

The DataHub™ Smart MQTT Broker offers a solution to this problem.  It can parse MQTT messages and handle them intelligently.  It lets you gather data from multiple streams of MQTT with different message formats and bring them into a unified namespace.  You can even integrate other protocols such as OPC UA, OPC DA, Modbus, databases, and more into the unified namespace, allowing other applications to ingest or connect to the data.

The data can be distributed in a single format, or in several, depending on client needs.  And unlike with other MQTT brokers, the data stays consistent from source to user, always with the latest values, and always arriving in correct time sequence.

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