audio – How do I stop PulseAudio from creating so many [Peak Detect] channels in pipewire/qpwgraph? (Linux Mint)

So, for some reason there are these channels called “PulseAudio Volume Control [Peak Detect]” and they pop up multiple times when opening apps and anything else that uses audio output. It is always connected to “Monitor of Built-in Audio Analog Stereo”, which is the fallback input in my configuration. Regardless of the fallback device, Firefox will make multiple of these Peak Detect things and it will clutter up my qpwgraph. Audacity is the worst offender, every time I open the program it makes about 20 of them at once, which makes the program open slower.

PulseAudio Volume Control Peak Detect

There you can see how many of them are open. I disconnected all of them but there will always be one connected when something new is open. How do I stop these from popping up? They are slowing down qpwgraph and Audacity.

I should add that this is Linux Mint 21.1!

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