serialization – The GraphQL type name, defined in the ContentSchemaProvider schema provider, begins with a lower-case character. Types must be Pascal Cased

Sitecore 10.1.2
SCS Management Service package 5.1.25

While setting up the Sitecore Content Serialization, I am facing this issue as the Type Name is in smaller case, needs to be in Pascal case.

enter image description here

Tried checking the Sitecore.Services.GraphQL.Content.Master.config, but did not find any type name Any help will be appreciated.
Also decompiled the Sitecore.Services.GraphQL, and figured out
if (char.IsLetter(field.Name[0]) && char.IsUpper(field.Name[0]))
throw new GraphQLSchemaValidationException(“The ” + field.Name + ” field, defined on the ” + type.Name + ” type, defined in the ” + type.GetSchemaProviderMetadata() + ” schema provider, started with an upper case character. GraphQL fields are always camelCase.”);
in the decompiled code.

But I am not able to find out the issue, where should I check
Any help appreciated.

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