Saturation on the master – Page 3 – Effects Forum

J37 is a “lofi” plugin in my opinion, same with Kramer “Master” Tape… there’s nothing “mastering grade” about them. If you want lofi degredation though, go for it.

The tape plugins that I’ve felt comfortable using on the master – that have pleasant enhancing qualities and no perceivable drop in audio quality – are: Taupe, Taipei and IKM Tape 80. Not at default settings and not at just any setting.. but carefully tuned. Because Acustica tech simply cannot take a hot input signal without turning into a chirpy resonant mess, you really have to tread carefully with Taipei, but all the “deeper, wider, more 3D” type cliches are for real when it’s setup right. If you’re going for one absolute top plugin for the “master tape” thing, Taipei is it.

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