Light / packing NodeRed – #2 by TotallyInformation – General

Hi there, I’ve been using NodeRed for almost everything now. Since I have a server running, I send almost everything to it and deploy. Fast curve of development. Mainly with sensors and IoT.

However, I’m facing a peculiar condition. I’m developing a control system for a 4-stroke engine. The 4-stroke need, almost, real time dashboard. I went straight to NodeRed. However, in the field, I don’t have access to my server. Besides, the computer available is not so good.

I also need to hardwire the sensors to the computer.

Is there a way to use NodeRed, besides Docker, which has a minimum installation, bare bones, to build a dashboard? Something like a AppImage, portable app or alike?

I will use python for almost everything. After that, I will send data to the NodeRed dashboard, and receive some command controls. I don’t need most of the nodes. I don’t feel comfortable to install a lot of stuffs in a bad pc with things that I don’t need.

(4-stroke) –> Sensors –> (UART, RS485, CAN) –> PC –> Dashboard (NodeRed) –> PC –> (UART, RS485, CAN) –> Actuators

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