python – SOLVED : Can’t update ansible on Centos8

I have some problem when i do a dnf update on all my Centos8.
it seem i have a problem between ansible and python version.
I see in a other post i need python 3.9 to resolve the problem, but i have python 3.9 and still same…

I update python to 3.9.14 and create a symling to use it when call “python3” command
I try to uninstall ansible, and after that, no problem to update my centos. When i re-install ansible, i can’t update again…

You can see problem in screenshot, with ansible package version, and python version.

I try the solution in this post with pip, but problem still the same
problem in installing ansible on CentOS-8.5.2111-x86_64

what can i do to solve this ?

Ansible problem

Solution : dnf remove ansible && python3 -m pip install ansible

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