[PSA] the LFS checks are coming in R108

tl;dr: starting with R108, we’ll enforce packages be built with LFS flags on 32-bit systems (i.e. ARM 32-bit userland).  newer packages missing the settings will fail to build with info as to why.

a recent bug in the selinux tools (b/242961867) was due to the package not being built with LFS flags.  this meant it couldn’t process any files that were larger than 2 GiB … like Chrome.

there are other ways that tools built w/out LFS can fail.  for example a filesystem that has 64-bit inode values — programs can’t even stat() them.  this doesn’t seem to have hit us in CrOS yet, but as we add more storage to some devices and the stateful partition grows, i suspect it might be a bit of a ticking time bomb.  and one that might only affect some users in the field as the stateful fills up.

i’ve had a bug about this for a while, but wasn’t putting too much time into it because it wasn’t biting in a way we were actively seeing.

i finally dusted off the CLs to finish this up and they should be ready to land for R108.

there is a large list of existing packages that are known to be broken.  we’ll file bugs for packages with owners to take a look at updating.


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