Pop! OS: Deb package missing dependency

Describe the bug you encountered:

Attempted to install deb package on Pop! OS 22.04, eddy reported code 100 – sudo apt install reported that a dependency was missing: Pulseaudio.

When attempting to install pulseaudio I received a conflict error (See below)
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
pop-desktop : Conflicts: pulseaudio
Recommends: io.elementary.sideload but it is not installable
Conflicts: pulseaudio:i386

What did you expect to happen instead?

For it to install

How did you install RustDesk?

Downloaded rustdesk-1.1.9.deb
Opened it with Eddy GUI – Code 100
Opened it with gdebi | dependency unable to install
sudo apt install ./rustdesk-1.1.9.deb | Dependency missing

RustDesk version and environment
Pop! OS 22.04 LTS

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