php – unable to display json image data and add property number in anchor tag url

I am new into jquery and json. I want jquery to take json data, one is image while the second is property number. In my code, image is not displaying. In json, it display as “array”. In my html tag, image is not displaying. I also want my ancho tag to have property numbers and part of the url so that when clicked, $_GET will get information about the particular property number. sitting room suppose to be an image. I have searched for php code to help me do this but didnt get.

JSON php
“Sitting_room”: “Array”,
“Property_number”: “62a0fc8a25489”,
“Rent”: 0,
“Area”: “”,
“State”: “”


$.getJSON('duplex.php', function(rows) {

    image1 = document.createElement('img') 
        ancho = document.createElement('a')
            ancho.href = "apartmentcompletdetails.php?propertynumber= row.Property_number"

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