MIDI Notes hanging and Digitone crashing in Logic X – Digitone/Digitone Keys


I’m having problems with MIDI notes on my Juno 106 hanging and he Digitone crashing. I seem to have tried every possible setup in both Logic and the Digitone but no luck. So, I have the MIDI in/out connected to the Juno 106, everything plays just fine. I can trigger notes from from either the Juno or Digitone, in the Digitone I have the setup as USB/MIDI, not using Overbridge. I create a new track using Logic’s MIDI External Plugin and everything good so far, Juno set to channel 16, also correct in Logic, hit record and play a 2 bar loop on the Juno and it records the MIDI notes and Audio just fine, then hit play and everything goes mad, the Juno hangs and Digitone freezes. Any ideas?


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