Omnisphere automation parameters not visible in BWS – Bitwig Forum

Hi all,

I’m not sure if this is a Bitwig problem, Omnisphere problem, or user error. Would love any confirmation/instructions from the wisdom of the collective.

Automation parameters are not visible in the BWS plug-in device or through the automation lanes for Omnisphere vst3. The parameters for Omnisphere are visible in at least one other DAW: Logic Pro X. And other plugin parameters (like Synthmaster Player) are visible in the BWS device and automation lanes.

I could have sworn that the parameters were visible in the past, but maybe I’m mistaken.

Steps to Recreate
1) Add Omnisphere plugin as instrument device on instrument track.
2) Set a parameter in Omnisphere to automatable by selecting “Enable Host Automation”
3) No automation parameter is visible in the device or in the track automation lane.

2021 M1 Pro, 14″ MacBook Pro
Bitwig 4.0.7 (and 4.1 Beta 5)
Omnisphere 2.8.1c arm

Thank you in advance for your help.

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