node.js – How do I create a datatable in Autodesk Forge?

As shown in the following figure, I would like to create a data table with attribute information about the model uploaded to Autodesk Forge as shown in the figure below.

enter image description here

The Autodesk Forge I implemented is
It was written with reference to

And I tried to write the data table by referring to, but ‘Uncaught (in promise) Extension not found: LoggerExtension.’ An error like this occurred.

Through the Autodesk Forge example I implemented
Autodesk.Viewing.Initializer(options, () => {
    viewer = new Autodesk.Viewing.GuiViewer3D(document.getElementById('forgeViewer'), { extensions: ['HandleSelectionExtension','ModelSummaryExtension','LoggerExtension'] });
    var documentId = 'urn:' + urn;
    Autodesk.Viewing.Document.load(documentId, onDocumentLoadSuccess, onDocumentLoadFailure);

I added LoggerExtension in extensions as shown, but it is not implemented.

import './extensions/LoggerExtension.js'; was used by changing

<script type="module" src="extensions/LoggerExtension.js"></script> in index.html.

I want to implement a data table using ForgeViewer.js in my Autodesk Forge implementation.

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