New Steinberg ‘subscription’ Licensing –

There is a way to have the dongle-less Cubase activated for 365 days without having to connect to the internet:

“We know that some customers prefer to run their studio machines offline, or that for specific projects it may be required for legal or contractual reasons not to connect to the internet for the duration of the project. To meet these requirements, we will shortly be introducing a process of activating a license for a period of one year, so that the computer can remain disconnected from the internet for that entire period and the software will continue to operate as normal.

Two methods of activating a license offline will be provided, depending on whether the computer can connect to the internet for a short period of time. If you can connect the computer to the internet temporarily at the time of software activation, you will be able to check out a license directly using Steinberg Activation Manager, then disconnect your computer from the internet.

If, on the other hand, you cannot connect your computer to the internet at any time, you will be able to use Steinberg Activation Manager to generate a license request that you can save to a removable storage device (like a USB drive) and take to a computer that is connected to the internet. Using Steinberg Activation Manager on the online computer, you can exchange the license request for a offline-activated license. You then save the license file back to the removable storage device, and return to the offline computer, where you use Steinberg Activation Manager to install the license file.

In both cases, the software will then run for a period of 365 days without requiring an internet connection at any time.”

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