Proxy in between device and Google IoT Core using MQTT?

I have a situation where I want to use Google IoT Core to support bi-directional communication between my devices and existing GCP stack. The trouble is, some of my devices cannot connect to GCP’s MQTT bridge because they are blocked from reaching it directly. The communication must instead go through my own hosted server.

Basically all suggested solutions that I have found propose the use of MQTT over WebSockets. WebSockets consume too many system resources for the server I have available, and so MQTT proxy over WebSockets is extremely undesirable and likely is not even feasible for my use case. It also defeats the purpose of using a lightweight, low-bandwidth protocol like MQTT in the first place.

To make matters more complicated, Google IoT Core documentation explicitly says that it does not support bridging MQTT brokers with their MQTT bridge. So hosting my own MQTT server seems to be out of the question.

Is it even possible to create a proxy — either forward or reverse — for this use case that allows for native, encrypted, full-duplex MQTT traffic? If so, what would be the recommended way to achieve this?

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